Agoo IT Web Accessibility Services

Agoo IT is a Web Accessibility Consultancy based in Scotland offering expert accessibility and usability services. We have over 18 years industry experience in the accessibility and usability sector. We are passionate about making your website both accessible and usable to every visitor.

We have extensive knowledge of the WCAG 2.1 Web Accessibility Guidelines, Mobile Web Best Practices and PDF Accessibility. Additionally, over the years we have developed an appreciation of common usability issues which are not specifically covered by the guidelines. Usability issues can present barriers for all visitors accessing your website and as such is not just limited to people with disabilities.

For this reason we believe that our usability review which is included in every accessibility audit we undertake is an invaluable resource.

To help your visitors get the most from your website, Agoo IT offer a number of accessibility services which will provide you with the knowledge to make your website and documentation both accessible and usable:

Web Accessibility Audit

We can test your website against the WCAG 2.1 Web Accessibility Guidelines.

Accessible PDF Documents

We can make your existing PDF document accessible, create an accessible PDF document from scratch or create an accessible HTML version of your PDF document.

Quick Health Check

We can provide a 10 page quick health check of your website. By selecting 10 pages with varying content and functionality it is a very cost effective way of identifying how accessible your website is.

Mobile Accessibility Audit

With more on the go access than ever before, we can test your web pages to ensure that they work well on mobile devices.