Benefits of an Accessible Website

There are a number of benefits in making your website accessible. Whilst not an exhaustive list, some of the main benefits are detailed below:

  • It is a legal requirement to provide equal access to services for people with disabilities under the Disability Discrimination Act.

  • It makes good business sense. Research has shown that websites made accessible can enjoy a 90% increase in sales.

  • Reach a wider audience. An accessible website means that more people can access the services you provide. In the UK:

    • 2 million people have a vision impairment
    • 11 million people have a hearing loss
    • 900,000 people have severe to profound deafness
    • 3.4 million people have a physical disability
    • 1.5 million people have a learning disability
    • 1 in 10 have a certain degree of dyslexia