Accessible PDF Documents

So many websites today offer additional information by way of external documentation. These are more commonly in PDF format. Unless your PDF has been carefully tagged for accessibility, it is likely to create barriers for a number of user groups this means they will not be able to access your information.

Agoo IT offer a number of PDF Accessibility services:

  • Making your existing PDF accessible We will take your existing PDF and tag it for accessibility. We will thoroughly test the PDF with various assistive technologies to ensure the quality and accessibility of the document.
  • Creating an accessible PDF We can create an accessible PDF from scratch. All you need to do is provide us with all content and images and we will do the rest. To ensure quality and accessibility Agoo IT will thoroughly test the newly created PDF with various assistive technologies.
  • Creating an HTML alternative to your PDF No matter how accessible you make your PDF, there will still be some users who cannot access it. Agoo IT can take your existing PDF and create an accessible HTML version of the content. This will enable you to provide the information to your users in a choice of formats.